Beef, Lamb & Chicken

Deep fried battered chicken glazed with honey
Deep fried crispy beef tripe
5 sticks satay with our own Madura style peanut sauce served with rice cake/ ketupat. Chicken $ 12 Beef 13.50 Lamb $ 15
Diced chicken with our own recipe curry sauce and spice
Quarter Grilled Chicken with our own glaze sweet soya sauce and sambal chili
Deep fried battered chicken coated with our own sweet sour plum sauce
Deep fried chicken with rica - rica sauce
Beef teriyaki served on hotplate
Indonesian famous slow cooked beef stew with rendang spice and thickest with coconut milk
Char Grilled Beef Rib with our own glaze and top up with our homemade penyet chilli sauce OR Peanut sauce
Grilled beef reef with our own peanut sweet soya sauceĀ